If your favorite restaurant seats 100, you are probably a little less worried about giving it a glowing recommendation than if it seats 20. In the latter case, you are justifiably concerned that it may become so popular that you can’t get a table anymore.

Recommending Jessica is much like that for me. Despite my own self interest, however, I am unable provide Jesica with anything less than than a recommendation that places her amongst the best massage therapists I have enjoyed over the last 30 years.
— James Hastie

I believe Charlie Chaplin said it best... “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world—not even our troubles.” I frequently enter Jessica’s domain with a burdened mind and body, the stresses of life and work having taken their toll antecedent my arrival. Sometime later, and always too soon, I manage to detach my weightless body from the table and drift forth in a different dimension than I arrived. I infrequently give reviews but Jessica’s work warrants it. She has my genuine appreciation.
— Ryan Maloney

Every time I get a massage from Jessica, I am blown away! She is so skilled and confident in her work; I feel completely comfortable with Jessica. She is a beautiful soul and shares her energy through her hands. She is a truly gifted healer.
— Carlie Williams, LMP

I started Arvigo treatments after sharing my infertility and prenatal care concerns with Jessica. She took the time to listen to my issues and explained the different ways Arvigo could help improve the overall health and wellbeing of my body. I was very impressed at how quickly my body changed for the better! The tension that was being stored in my abdomen started to be relieved with the first treatment. I noticed a decrease in bloating and menstrual cramps that I could never get to go away before and my bowel movements started to become more regular than they had ever been. I am thrilled that this massage and the self-care that follows has made such a positive difference in my overall health. I highly recommend this treatment for those experiencing discomfort or for anyone that wants to be more connected to their body.
— Katherine M.

I trained as an elite athlete for many years, and one element of my training that I found important in my overall performance was regular sports massage. Because I am selective, I’ve worked with several excellent massage therapists over the years.

I left my intensive athletic training years ago, but I still do quite a bit of sports-oriented and physical activities (old habits die hard!). And, massage continues to be an important factor in my recovery and overall health.

I was looking for a massage therapist about 5 years ago when I came across Jessica. I found her work to be superb when compared to the many other excellent massage therapists I had worked with. I’ve been a consistent client of Jessica’s ever since.
Besides been capable in the actual massage work, Jessica also possesses an intuitive awareness that helps her to provide the best work for my body.

One modality that Jessica has recently added to her skill set is that of Arvigo. This targets the midsection and pelvic area. Because I am perennially tight in these areas due to the hours of sitting I do for my job, this has been a great antidote for me. Over the course of several Arvigo sessions, I’ve found that I’ve gained greater flexibility and relaxation in the core area of my body.
— Michael J.